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Emily parent of 3rd grader in Streamwood, IL

Our daughter was struggling in math and reading, but since we started using the Interactive Curriculum, she has made so much progress! We're so grateful for this program.

Susan, Parent of a 5th Grader in Chicago, IL

I've been using the Interactive Curriculum Software Program for my son's homework and it's excellent! He's doing great in all his subjects and he's really enjoying the program. I'm so happy that I found this program! It's been a lifesaver for us!

Mary, Parent of a 3rd and 6th Grader in Chicago, IL

I love the Interactive Curriculum Software Program! I've used it to help my kids with their homework and they're doing so much better in school. The program is easy to use, and it's helped my kids to understand their schoolwork. They're more confident in their abilities and they're getting better grades. I'm so happy that I found this program!

John, Parent of a 4th Grader in Chicago, IL

After using the Interactive Curriculum Software Program, life is a lot easier for me. My son is doing better in school and doesn't feel overwhelmed anymore. The program is really helping him to catch up with his classmates and I can see that he is making progress. I'm happy with this program and would recommend it to anyone who wants their child to do better in school. Thanks!

Sara C in Chicago, IL

My son loves it and it’s easy to use! Great comprehensive learning tools!

Linda V in Chicago, IL

I really like the program it helps my son in more ways than others. He enjoys it as well best program I could ask for.

D. Gelnidus in Skokie, IL

The program helps Josh with his schoolwork in a way that I was never able to do. It's really filled in the gaps where he needed help. He's become a much happier student.

Deborah S in Chicago, IL

We have all kinds of educational materials at home, but the tutoring software is by far the most important. The kids use it every day.

Sara in Chicago, IL

The program is great. My son says he has fun doing the program. Looking forward to getting the new discs at the end of second grade. Jim is very helpful and checks in to make sure everything is working.

Elizabeth in IL

I Just love how much my son improved in school and on his computer skills as well.

Ron M in IL

Fine product. Looking forward to my daughters continued use. Great for staying on track during the summer months

Gabriela Dziekan in IL

Happy with this purchase.

Marlene Arroyo in IL

Very educational for young children!! We love it, and use it everyday!!