Seven Reasons Why Your Child Will Benefit From This Program

The Interactive Curriculum Software Program is designed to function as the essential centerpiece of your home educational endeavor. The curriculum is comprehensive, clearly presented, highly visual, and appropriately challenging. By bringing the material into your home, you will have taken a big step towards helping your child receive a first-rate education. Here's why:

  1. One-on-One Tutoring Addresses Specific Needs

    Children are individuals; each child develops and learns differently. Some children have the ability to understand and process information more quickly, whereas other children require a bit longer and more individual attention to get to the same point.

    In a typical classroom of twenty or more students, a teacher cannot effectively address the specific needs of individual students. In fact, it is the teacher's responsibility not to spend too much class time with a particular child.

    That's why one-on-one tutoring is such an effective form of schooling. A tutor - be it a parent, teacher, or computer - can provide individualized instruction that meets the specific needs of your child.

  2. Identifies and Corrects Educational Gaps

    When children don't have all the knowledge they are suppose to have acquired in previous grades, then ownership of the Interactive Curriculum makes it possible for them to identify and fill in the gaps.

    Once these gaps are corrected, children have a chance to fulfill their potential in later grades.

  3. Establishes a Solid Foundation for Learning

    Learning builds on learning: children gain new knowledge only by building on what they already know. It is essential to begin building solid foundations of knowledge in the early grades, when children are most receptive.

    Research has shown that, for most children, academic difficulties from the first six grades permanently impair the success of later learning. The poor performance of students in middle and high school can be traced directly to shortcomings inherited from elementary grades, where children have not mastered the knowledge they need for further learning.

    It is essential that children master the specific curriculum for each grade level, thus enabling them to enter each new grade with a secure foundation for further learning.

  4. Home Tutoring Compensates for Discrepancies Between Schools

    In our current educational system, some schools enjoy greater advantages than others. A comprehensive curriculum in the home guarantees access to the required schoolwork, and can compensate for the academic discrepancies between schools.

  5. Children Learn More During Class Time as a Result of our Program

    At school, the teacher's job is to impact new knowledge to a large group of students. In order to do this, the teacher assumes that each student shares the background knowledge upon which the lesson is built. After all, learning is a building-block process; new learning is based on past knowledge.

    If a child does not process the required background knowledge, then class time for that child is a waste. Home tutoring with the Interactive Curriculum makes classroom teaching more efficient. A child who is prepared for class can follow along as the teacher moves forward into new areas of learning. Also, a well-prepared child is much more likely to participate in classroom activities and score higher on exams.

  6. Makes New Learning Stick

    Information must be processed several times for it to become part of your child's store of knowledge. Hearing something in the classroom is just a first time; if your child doesn't think about it or use it a second or third time soon after, the first time becomes the last time. The Interactive Curriculum is the perfect tool for reinforcing what is taught in school.

  7. A Tool for Accelerated Development

    The Interactive Curriculum Software Program is the perfect tool for parents who want to encourage accelerated development in their children, since students can advance to the next level when they are ready. Owning the curriculum allows students to 'go the extra mile' and acquire advanced knowledge, broaden their skill base, or simply explore subjects that interest them.