The Interactive Curriculum

The Most Comprehensive Educational System Available

A Four Step Approach to Learning

Study Interactive lessons are your child's first step toward mastering the curriculum and improving in school. Use the study mode for homework help any time, day or night.

Practice Just like with a 'live' teacher, your child is given instant feedback. Get hands-on with the same material needed for school and standardized tests.

Test Prepare your child before she takes the test in school! Grades are written to the Progress Report for you to review.

Essay Help develop writing ability and research skills while your student exercises his creativity.

One-On-One Interaction

Owning the Interactive Curriculum Program is like having a full-time teacher working with your child! The program uses a combination of graphics, audio, and video teaching to make schoolwork fun and easy. The interactive lessons engage and guide your child while dynamic quizzes and a variety of writing exercises reinforce what she is learning.

Succeed At Home

Studies show that children succeed in school when learning takes place at home. The Home makes a difference. The Interactive Curriculum was designed by educators to teach and review everything students are learning in the classroom. Your child will find the tools he needs to master the school curriculum, improve test scores, develop strong study skills, and help with homework!

Comprehensive Coverage

The Interactive Curriculum Software Program covers everything your child needs to know for success in school: Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Lessons, examples, and exercises build a solid foundation for students and allow them to develop at an accelerated pace. The program is available in 4 levels:

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
4th - 6th Grade
7th - 9th Grade
10th - 12th Grade

Each level contains more than 800 lessons

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